How the Light Came- January 6, 2023

How the Light Came

๏ปฟby Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

And it was in the darkest time
when she was most lost,
before she even knew to ask for help,
it was then the light arrivedโ€”
as a firefly, it so happens,
a radiance so tiny
she might have missed it
had it not lit up right in front of her face
at the very moment her friend spoke of love.
Perhaps she would have resisted it
if sheโ€™d had energy for resistance.
Even the smallest brilliance can be terrifying
when it asks us to see life as it really is
instead of the way we wish it would be.
As it is, the love light entered her,
humble as a beetle, significant as a star.
It glowed so brightly others could see it.
It responded to her trust.
It met her in silent rooms and lonely days.
It shined into deep uncertainty,
It offered her no answers.
It suggested a thousand right paths.
We could say the light didnโ€™t change a thing.
We could say the light changed everything.
Who was she to receive a miracle?
Letโ€™s not call it miracle, then.
Call it wonder. Call it unlikely luck.
But there is no way to pretend
it didnโ€™t happen.
Even now, she tends that light,
marvels at how it glows even brighter
the more she gives it away.

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