Mosquitoes- March 30, 2020

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” - Dalai Lama

I've always thought this quote to be both truthful (damn mosquitoes!) and sort of funny at the same time. All joking aside, at a time like this, unless we're working on the front lines of health care and medicine, we are probably feeling a bit helpless and even crippled with the uncertainty of what this virus means for ourselves, our loved ones, our country, and our world. But what the Dalai Lama is saying is that we can make a difference. How about reaching out to someone with whom you've been out of touch or to someone who is all alone, and letting them know you're thinking about them? I know now is not the time to be visiting neighbors but we could leave something for a neighbor on his or her doorstep (taking necessary precautions of course!) or offer to pick something up for someone at the store if we have to go. How about scheduling an online group chat with a group of friends or family? And then there's also the power of prayer and meditation, something that we can all do without going anywhere. Please know that whatever you're doing right now–your job, running your business and taking care of employees, teaching, taking care of family, homeschooling your children, taking online classes yourself, praying, etc.–you are making a difference. We are all trying to get through this crisis together. This is the biggest communal effort that we are likely to see in our lifetimes. It is (even though we might feel isolated) the world coming together to help, to grieve, to pray.

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