The Wonder of Nature- April 13


The Wonder of Nature

by Annabel Beerel

Spring is full of new beginnings

As the days unfold

Nature reveals her creativity

As moment by moment

Each blade, each blossom, each bulb

Courageously emerges from the safety of its bed

With pride and humility 

To celebrate life.

The life of nature

Bows to the sun

That is sometimes warming, sometimes burning

Submits to the rain

That is sometimes nourishing, sometimes drowning

Weathers the storms

That are sometimes relieving, sometimes devastating

Yet nature persists

In all her glory

To live the life, she is given.

We are nature

We too

Moment by moment

Emerge from our own beds of slumber


To our own courage,

Our own glory

And our own humility.

We too bask in the sun

Are nourished by the rain

And weather devastating storms.

Just like 

The blade, the blossom, the bulb

We join the cosmic dance

By letting each moment

Live for itself

So we too

Live the life that we are given.

You can listen to Annabel read this piece HERE.

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